The party of Chaos
the party of drunks

We began with our members in a tavern in the captial city if control. The cleric gambling in the corner, the ranger in her room organizing her things and the sorcerer drinking while people watching. All going about there day and time as normal…until an unexplained explosion happened in the middle of the Tavern.
The ranger snuck out side to wait out what happened and the cleric left to avoid what happened buy after realizing nothing was happening they walked back in to see a man in a leather biker jacket with a fo hawk and and stitches around the eye with a different skin tone around his eye.
He was drunk and didn’t remember anything about anything and after some time he started giving everyone drinks however the ranger didn’t partake in such activities.
The cleric Upon seeing this man bowed down before him seeing thst he was the God of Freedom and worshiped him. Started drinking and soon everyone was so drunk ( except the ranger) that no one could speak properly.
After some time chaos said that they should help him take over the world and they get free stuff for doing what he needed them to do.
Free stuff was enough to catch the Rangers attention and the intoxicated other two said taking over the world “is a great idea”.
The next day after sleeping off their alcohol and all (including the ranger) suffering from a hangover.
They went back downstairs not seeing chaos but the barkeeper informed them that chaos was asleep on the ceiling.
Once the cleric woke him up after hitting him really hard with his mace Chaos got to business and informed them that he was looking for a champion to fight control. He convinced them with an item that would being them to life, one for each.
He had more things to give the more the more they prove themselves.
There first task was to take over the city and gave them a map of the city and while they looked over this map he disappeared.
They decided going to the castle and kidnapping thr queen was there best chance.
They go to the castle but the only one allowed in was the cleric since he knew a noble woman named Asia.
After some trouble with finding her room (which he found eventually) he searched her room and stole 2 dresses, shoex and some jewelry.
He takes a nap then leaves and searches again and finds Asia (or rather she spots him) and he rubs then realizes who it was and walks to her.
They go back to her room as she hints as to what they all have done in the past that he has no memory of.
She asks if she should bring the queen in on this and he says yes so she leaves to find her.
While alone in the room he searches her room once more and leaves and roams the castle and runs into Asia and the queen.
Asia guides him back and…kinky things happen between the three of them.
During this time the others waited patiently for him to return and the sorcerer bought some plants as well that paralyzes and causes sleep.
When he finally returned he was told by the ranger that there was a party going on in the castle tonight that everyone is invited to so long as they had fine clothing. When he heard this, he realized he forgot his bag and went back in to search for it.
He went to Asia’s room and searched but couldn’t find it and searched the castle for the queens room. After a bit of searching a person within the castle asked him if he was lost, which he admitted he was and lead him to where the queens room is.
Once he did, he left and the cleric knocked, (but no answer) then walked in to find the queen and Asia getting dressed.
He asked for his pack, and Asia asked him what he was willing to do to get his pack back.
He said “anything I need to do.”
Aaaaaand they just had him help with their corsets.
After that they gave him his pack back and also gave him fine clothes for the party that he was going to tonight. He got undressed and redressed in those clothes in the room while they watched and left.
Once he returned to the others, he gave the ranger a dress (which she appreciated) and the other dress to the sorcerer whom smacked it, rolled it up, and left to sell it for some clothes.
Over time they decided that the sorcerer was going to pretend to be a body guard so he could get in with no problem.
So once they arrived they were let in with ease and watched what was going on, however the Ranger was very upset with the Cleric because he got drunk before the party. And during this time he learned he may have at least 3 kids (according to his chaos blessed dice that he refers to for everything he ever does.)
He also had gotten so drunk he didn’t remember anything he had done while in the castle.
After some time, the ranger grabbed the cleric, took him outside and dumped his head in the fountain that successfully sobered him up.
She then had the cleric go to the Queen and get her to go alone with him so they could kidnap her.
So, he naturally went up to the queen and completely forgot why he went up to her and just started small talk.
During this time, the ranger thought this would take some time and started trying out different drinks and naturally….got drunk.
The cleric during this time, remembered why he was talking to the queen and asked if she wanted to go somewhere alone with him.
She said yes and followed him outside the room and into the hall and signaled his partners to follow, however the sorcerer was trying to get the ranger to sober up and failed.
He disappeared with the queen and the others couldn’t find him.
However, the same person who helped the cleric earlier snuck out from the party with his paladin friend and is now following them…

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